We're open! Come in and see our beautiful restaurant!

The movement has begun, and our café has now opened its lovely green doors on 72 St John Street, Clerkenwell. Do please sign up to our newsletter below and we'll let you know all that's going on. We're open for breakfast at 8am, lunch is from 12pm until 3pm and our snacks and lovely cakes until 6pm, Monday to Friday...We will soon be open on a Saturday for brunch and a few evenings a week!

This is comfort food. The 'healthy' thing's incidental.

You can find a 'healthy eating' option on just about every street corner: smoothies, juices and all things gluten free. We think it's fantastic that there's more awareness about healthy food options. What isn't so great is the fact that many of these options aren't necessarily as good for our health as they appear. Our mission is two-fold: to make the healthiest, most nutritoinally-packed food without you even knowing.

Great people cook it

The Aprés experience is all about food that makes you feel great in every way. Our chefs have been in the business for ages, so you can be sure you'll be eating only the best. Read our story here.

Great people eat it

We do this for everyone...We've had so much wonderful feedback, and we wouldn't be able to do any of this without support. Thank you!

The story so far...