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Why we're doing this, the Aprés Way

...the things we're led to believe are super healthy are often in fact pumped with chemicals, and treated with mysterious substances that wreak havoc on our bodies. Even the 'natural' stuff. Even the 'sugar free' stuff. (Especially the 'sugar free' stuff.) Don't even get us started on the stuff that's thought to be bad for you already. Yikes! The point is: the food industry is a money machine. And sadly, our wellbeing doesn't play a role in it.

Even though we say it ourselves, we've got a pretty rare combination of skills under our belts. It's these skills that have allowed us to stick our heads out of the parapet and say, 'Enough is enough!'; no more deception, no more destructive food, and no more compromise. Using our many, many of hours of nutritional therapy experience, and our years of cheffing know-how, we're here to share with other food lovers everywhere that, yes, we can all have our cake and eat it too; we can eat food that makes us feel amazing, and energised, and full of oomph - that's also comforting and truly, genuinely delicious. We're here to say that we can feel alive from nine to five (and all the hours between), and that we can do our bodies a whole universe of good, just by eating with a few rules of thumb in mind.

This is the Aprés Way, and we really can't wait to share it with you. But sadly, our home in Farringdon, Clerkenwell isn't open just yet... we're not far off, but we want it to be perfect for you when you first walk in. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite in a few of ways:

1) Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page - We'll dispel myths around the food you eat, give you amazing recipes to try at home, and keep you posted on where we're at with our little bistro/café/foodery.

2) Ask us a question: Catherine's a pioneer in the world of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Nutritional Medicine. If you've got any questions about what you're eating, or how you can feel better by changing a few things in your dietary day, drop her a message, and she'll do her absolute best to get back to you. We'll also do a round-up of the best questions every month.

3) Join the food trial: When we open you will be able to try our amazing food for three days at cost price by subscribing to our Free(ish) Lunch programme. You'll get breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day for three days, because we want you to experience the feeling of our comfort food. All we ask is for your honest feedback at the end, and that if you've enjoyed your experience, tell your friends.