Free(ish) Lunch

We love our food, and we really hope the world will too. That's why we need your help. Cue the Free(ish) Food trial.

For three days, you'll get amazing food in the daytime (breakfast, lunch and snacks), and some suggestions for eating when you get home. All we ask is you tell us (and your friends!) what you think and how you feel. Easy! The trial's £35, payable on your first day - which is a huge cost saving - and Oh My God! the food is incredible.

If we've tingled your tastebuds, here's how to get involved:

Step one: give us your details

Use our lovely little form at the bottom of this page to let us know you're interested. Please tell us a little about what you're eating at the moment too, as this will help us make your food trial the best it can be.

Step two: chat with us

As much as we'd love to, we can't serve everyone a Free(ish) Lunch. So we'll pick some lucky folks at random, and then we'll chat through your dietary requirements and that kind of thing.

...So you know, we don't ever use gluten, and we always avoid cows' dairy if we can. There's also no refined sugar in any of our food for the reasons listed here.

Step three: come get it

We'll get your food ready based on your morning schedule. Just come and pick it up when you're ready! £35 is payable when you come to pick up your first batch.

Step four: Tell us what you think

Pop in for your next Power Pack, and to let us know what you thought of the day before. We're interested to know what you thought of the food itself, and how it made you feel after eating it. We pack our food with dozens of nutrients, so our aim is to get everyone as chock full of good stuff as possible. Repeat for three days!

Still not convinced?

Take a look at our menu to whet your appetite. Also, consider this: the food you're eating every day and spending your hard-earned money on, may not be as good for your body as you'd hope. We know you could feel so much better if you just made friends with food. It's easy and we'd like to show you how.

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