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Why are we different?

Why are we different?

You are unique, and not just in the way your Mum used to tell you. Biologically. Nutritionally. Chemically. And you know...being unique has its pluses and minuses. One of the minuses is you’ll probably find that most fad diets won’t work for you - they might, but they probably won't. That’s because they focus on the food, and not the person who's eating the food. 

Knowing how our bodies work (and what they need to do it well) gives us the power to make our own choices around food. It also allows us to directly counter our obstacles: we don’t fear the wrong choices, when we know how and why to make the right ones. We understand when we can indulge and when we need to rein it in, so we don’t have to feel deprived all the time. And why would we question whether our diets are right for us when we know exactly what our body is calling for and how to provide it? This is not something we have dreamed up. This is the science of how our bodies function.

Getting in touch with your body is more accessible than you think, and you’ve really got to try it to believe it. That’s why we have started this revolution.

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