Our nutritional perspective

Aprés is different. We focus on the person who eats the food & the food! We believe we should all be able to eat food we love and know that it shouldn’t contribute to disease somewhere in our body. So, using functional nutrition as our guide, Catherine created all our dishes using these principles. 

We hear so many people say that they simply don’t know what they should be eating, and there is still so much conflicting advice out there that it’s no surprise we feel confused and stuck in a rut. This is where Après Food comes in. Our food goes beyond the health advice we’ve been reading about for so long, our food is about what really works for you, your body and your life. We believe that health starts with the food you eat and the right food can make you feel more alive than ever – The Apres way will empower you to take back control, our philosophy is based around sustainable health.