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If you want to detox, chew broccoli slowly?

Broccoli is what we call a cruciferous vegetable, and they're so good for you for a number of reasons.


  • They help prevent cancer
  • They help prevent cardiovascular disease
  • They contain lots of B Vitamins, which are great for your liver - which in turn will help you detox more effectively! 

As for the chewing... this falls under something we call the cephalic phase of digestion. Basically, it's the sensory experience surrounding food. Amongst other things, if you take the time to make the most of the cephalic phase (yep, including chewing your food more), your body will produce more digestive enzymes, and will help you break food down more effectively.

So... when we asked whether chewing broccoli was good for detoxing, it was totally


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