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We questioned whether making your own meals could help with digestion.

Well... there's a couple of things to talk about here. Firstly, if you hand choose all the ingredients that go into your meals, you've got a much bigger say in what you're putting in your body. You'd be surprised how much nasty stuff is in the ready-made stuff we eat - even if it claims to be good for you, or low in fat, and all the rest of it. Usually, if the marketing says it's good for you in one way, they'll compensate in another - and more often than not, it's what they use to compensate for more regular fats and sugars that's scary. That scariness includes things that can cause damage to your digestive system.

Secondly, the more food stimulates our senses (including making it!) the more digestive helpers your body will recruit to break things down for you. So, double win for making your own meals! That also means that the statement above is 

A fact

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