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If you're feeling poorly, get some nuts in you?

Rude! When it comes to the immune system, one of the most important things your body needs is zinc. It's what we call an essential trace element: because you only need a little bit to have enough, it's crucial, and, well, it's an element.

It can help you to feel better with all sorts, from the common cold, to eye-related conditions like macular degeneration, and loads of other things besides. In part, that's because it activates Vitamin A - which contributes to healthy vision, as well as bone, skin and immune function.

You can get zinc in lots of places (like in egg yolks, seafood, seeds and legumes), but one of the most zinc-rich foods you can eat if you're feeling snackish and under the weather is nuts! Peanuts, brazil nuts, cashew nuts - you name it. 

So, when we asked if getting nuts in you would help you feel less poorly, it was totally

A fact

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