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We  consider our ingredients carefully; which means, we give the same thoughtful treatment to our choice of suppliers. Our organic accreditation highlights our dedication to high-quality food.

Our fish is sustainably sourced from Flying Fish Seafoods, and our organic meat is supplied by the self-contained field to plate operation, Rhug Estate Organic Farm. Rhug’s award-winning organic lamb is considered to be among the best lamb in the world; their beef is produced from an Aberdeen Angus herd and is dry-aged for 35 days; their chickens are raised in a stress-free environment and roam freely over organic, clover-rich pastures; their free-range pigs are reared outside in individual huts, grazing on the fields on organic vegetables after harvest.
A cooperative organisation specialising in vegetarian, sustainable, recyclable products, and are at the forefront of advocating for the highest welfare for animal rights, worker rights and positive environmentally sound sourcing.
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When it comes to fish, nowhere is a patch on Cornwall. We’re so lucky to have the richest and most varied fish and shellfish stocks in the UK, if not the world, right here on our doorstep. So day after day, night after night, week after week, we use our specialist local knowledge, skill and hard graft to bring you beautiful fish from the ship to your restaurant in 48 hours, or less.
We source our grains from local farms for a number of our blends, where practicable. Over the years, we have also built relationships with suppliers across the world who share our values. It is from these suppliers, for example, that we source some of the rare and old varieties of grain that we cannot easily obtain from British shores to make a number of our speciality flours.
Believe in sustainable farming and the highest standard of animal welfare. By not using sprays, artificial fertiliser and medication results in a more healthy, tender, and tasty meat. All of the livestock enjoy an organic diet and live free-Range on clover rich pasture.
We were one of the first companies to introduce Gluten Free Flour to the UK and now we're proud to be the gluten free community's favourite. We've expanded our range to include gluten free foods for the whole day, including Baking Mixes, Breakfast Cereals and much more.

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Langridge is a collection of farmers who have banded together with the promise of sustainability and organic produce. Selling directly to retail, they promise the freshest, tastiest fruit and vegetable, as well as campaigning and education on food waste.
We don’t use unnecessary food marketing hype, tenuous health claims and fancy packaging just to gain sales.  You will never find our products called “Superfoods” for example, even though that’s a large part of the product range we sell!  We go against the grain as a food company and challenge the food industry to do better. 
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