It's time to

Make friends with food

Comfort food without the slump? Healthy food that's delicious too?
It's not impossible.

December 03 2017

Getting Festive

Christmas & New Year is going to be fantastic!
Guess what?! We've got your back (well, actually your liver) in January 2018....We've designed something amazing! It will set you up for the year ahead, giving your body all the love it needs after the festive season!                                      The Aprés Power Pack......BOOM!                                                                                                                                                                                           Our opening hours over Christmas are:  Saturday 23rd December brunch 9am - 1pm; Closed 24th December - 5th January; Open for brunch 6th January 10am - 2pm; Open as usual 8th January 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday

Come in and see us

We're not just a café...

We all need great food that makes us feel alive.
That's why this isn't just a café: it's a movement.

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Our Menu

Delicious food that your body loves.

July 28 2017

So...what exactly is Gluten?

I thought I knew a lot about food, until I met Aprés. It really is a no-compromise solution and I feel great!
Is healthy food supposed to taste that good?
Talking to Catherine changed my perception of food and tasting Aprés' food raised the bar completely.
Breakfast will never be the same again.
You've genuinely changed how I look at the food I buy. My shopping habits will never, ever be the same again.
"Aprés food really does makes you feel great, at the time and afterwards. Inspiring!"
"Delicious! Much better than what I normally eat!"
"Not sure where else I would go for such great vegan and gluten free food options."
"Blimey, that chocolate shake was naughty. Tastes too good to be healthy!"
"That was bloody lovely. I'll have a bit more of that please."

We're serious

about nutrition

The food we eat has a big impact on our bodies, but sometimes it's tough to actually see the effects as they happen. We're different from most fooderies because Catherine's a fully qualified and accredited nutritional therapist. She can help you to discover food's unique relationship with your body, and that's not all: when she's not in the kitchen, she'll do her best to answer your Qs!

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